Grangewaters: can you take the “Leap of Faith”?

If you love climbing, an exciting challenge or want to battle a fear of heights, you need to take the “Leap of Faith” at Grangewaters in South Ockendon.

First you have to climb 10 metres up a pole to reach a small platform only wide enough for one person. Then, if you have the nerve, stand up and leap for a bar suspended feet in front of you – and hang on!

The team at Grangewaters follow strict safety guidelines, so whatever your adrenaline-soaked brain tells you, don’t worry, you’ll be very safe and will return to earth with a great sense of achievement.

To book your “Leap of Faith”, please use the details below.

Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre

Buckles Lane, South Ockendon, RM15 6RS

01708 855 228


“Leap of Faith” is one of the most popular activities at Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre, but they also offer a wide range of other fun and interesting things to do, such as zip lining, abseiling, archery, canoeing, bush craft and much more.

Please contact Grangewaters direct for further information.



Rejected opening lines:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a giraffe standing on the shoulders of another giraffe? No? Oh.

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