Get involved

Send us your content and be a part of Young Thurrock

We want Young Thurrock to be a blog for young people, by young people.

For that to happen, we need 16 to 29 year olds living in Thurrock to take part.

You can send us your content, join the editorial team as a part-time volunteer or come along to the Inspire Youth Hub to create content onsite (please contact us first).

Although we’ll publish our own posts that we think young people will find interesting or helpful, it’s crucial that a lot of the content is created by actual young people from Thurrock.

The people who run this blog are not very young and that’s why you are so important.

We will accept any kind of content that we can publish. It can be blogging/writing (fiction or non-fiction), vlogging, videos, music, art… anything you can think of.

Also there are no restrictions on what the content is about as long as it follows our rules.

We’d prefer content about Thurrock, but it could be about anything, whether it’s gaming, fashion, beauty, politics, sports, hobbies, news/opinions, food, health, etc.

Email us at or read our submissions page for more information. We look forward to seeing your content!

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