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Disrespect NoBody: what is abuse in a relationship?


If a stranger tried to force you to have sex with them or hassled you to send them nudes, you’d know that’s wrong. But what if you’re in a relationship with the person? Isn’t that normal? Doesn’t that make it OK?

NO! That’s still abuse.

Relationship abuse is the focus of the Disrespect NoBody campaign, which aims to prevent young people from becoming abusers or victims of abusive relationships.

If you’ve experienced abuse or want to learn more, please visit the Disrespect NoBody website for more information and support.

What is abuse in a relationship?

Some kinds of abuse are easy to spot. Things like hitting and name-calling, for example.

But sometimes people might not realise they’re being abused because the behaviour seems normal to them. It’s still abuse, even if you don’t realise it. Here are some examples:

  • Pressuring you into sexual acts;
  • Pressuring you into sending them nude selfies;
  • Threatening you (for example, “If you ever leave me, I’ll ruin you.”)
  • Blaming you for their problems or behaviour (for example, they tell you it’s your fault they’re aggressive or unhappy);
  • Touching you without your consent;
  • Being very jealous;
  • Trying to control you and wanting to know where you are all the time;
  • Putting you down all the time;
  • Stopping you from seeing or contacting people.

Learn more about relationship abuse by clicking here.

If you recognise any of the signs of abuse in your own relationship, you can get help here.

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