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Thurrock Youth Cabinet: an introduction by Tatum Mandy


Thurrock’s Youth Cabinet is a group of 11 to 19 year olds, who… actually, never mind, we’ll let the Youth Cabinet speak for itself!

Please continue reading for an introduction to Thurrock Youth Cabinet by Tatum Mandy, 18.

You can also find out more by clicking here to visit the Thurrock Council website.

Take it away, Tatum!


Thurrock Youth Cabinet is exactly what it says on the tin: a group of young people (aged 11-19) who work to make Thurrock a better place. The Cabinet gives youth a voice and young people in the borough a chance to meet regularly with decision makers and local organisations. This year alone the Cabinet has had the pleasure of working with the National Citizen Service, Thurrock’s Next Top Boss and Lyn Carpenter, Chief Executive of Thurrock Council.


In December, many local schools and colleges had the opportunity to attend our annual youth conference. Not only did young people have the chance to get involved in workshops addressing issues such as gender equality, but debates took place and this year’s local campaign was introduced, “Curriculum for Life”. Essentially, the aim is to encourage schools to cover topics such as finance, sex and relationships, and politics in their curriculum.


Currently, this campaign is at the forefront of the Cabinet’s work whilst the next key goal is to widen youth engagement. Not only are we aiming for every secondary school to have a representative, but we want as many people who live or are educated in Thurrock to get involved. Whether that be through online platforms such as our Twitter or Instagram, we want to reach a variety of people who have ideas or complaints to be resolved.


So if you’re a young person in Thurrock, make sure you know who your school Youth Cabinet representatives are. Or if you believe you can make your mark then why not apply yourself and be a voice for your local school and your local community!

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