Brownfield land

Potential sites for development

A brownfield site is an area of land – usually in an urban location – that has been previously developed.

Brownfield sites have the potential to be used for future housing in the borough. They can include areas with buildings, as well as cleared sites, that are not of high environmental value.

Brownfield land register

Our brownfield land register is a list of brownfield land in Thurrock, showing:

  • sites that are suitable for housing, including site size, address and map coordinates
  • whether the sites already have planning permission
  • an estimate of the housing potential for each site
  • ownership status

Sites have been included on the register if they are:

  • available – the landowner is willing
  • in a suitable location for housing according to local and national planning policy
  • free of planning constraints that could not be overcome for future housing development
  • able to support at least 5 dwellings, or are at least 0.25 hectares in area

Contact us if you have comments about the register, if you are interested in developing brownfield land in Thurrock, or if you would like to suggest a new site for the register.