Changes to your circumstances affecting council tax

Council tax and benefits online – 28 January

From 12:05am to 1pm, Saturday 28 January, due to essential maintenance work our online services for benefits and managing council tax accounts will not be available. Please do not try to use these services during this time – we apologise for any inconvenience. You can still make council tax payments online or by phone during this time.

If your circumstances change

You must let us know of any changes to your circumstances that would affect your council tax billing. This includes any:

  • change of name
  • change of property address
  • change of billing address
  • change to the people in your household
  • change of property ownership – for example, if you are moving house

Changing address

Use our online My Account services to:

  • tell us if you are moving to Thurrock, or are a new occupier in Thurrock
  • tell us if you are moving home within Thurrock
  • tell us if you are moving away from Thurrock

Login to My Account below. You can create an account if you don't already have one.

My Account – council tax

You will need to tell us things like:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • your council tax account number
  • name of council tax payer
  • details of change

Other changes

You can also use My Account to:

  • update your details
  • apply for a single person discount
  • cancel a single person discount

My Account – council tax

To apply for other types of discount, go to our council tax discounts section.