Children and young people's strategies

Child poverty plan

We want every child to enjoy the best opportunities, and are committed to ending child poverty.

Our vision

We want Thurrock to be a place where:

  • every child has the same chance to achieve his or her potential
  • no child lacks food or the basic necessities of family life, or lives in poor housing, or in families where parents are unable to work
  • every child attends a good school
  • every child has ready access to a range of leisure, cultural and sporting opportunities

Our child poverty plan, 2015-2020

Reducing and eliminating child poverty is the main priority of our plan. We will support vulnerable families wherever they live, and work with local communities on a neighbourhood approach to child poverty.

Inclusion and learning will be at the heart of our approach. We will consult with families and invite them to take part.

We have already made a good start through:

  • the creation of community hubs
  • our community engagement programme
  • the recruitment and training of parent volunteers to work in our children's centres

The 10 priorities within our Child Poverty Plan 2015-2020 are:

  • to develop neighbourhood-focused approaches
  • to create pathways into employment
  • to maximise income and raise living standards
  • to support parents to upgrade their skills
  • to continue to narrow the gap in achievement between children on low incomes and children from more affluent families.    
  • to support the health of children affected by poverty and reduce inequalities in health outcomes
  • to provide suitable housing and prevent homelessness
  • to remove transport barriers
  • family well-being
  • to work together to share information and maximise impact

Download the full plan below.