Choosing to be a foster carer

Why children need foster carers

Foster children can be any age, ranging from new born babies to teenagers. Some need to be with brothers and sisters and some will be on their own.

Each child has their own likes and dislikes, but they all need a nurturing and caring home.

Why a child may need care

A family crisis can occur for many reasons. Sometimes:

  • a parent is not able to cope with looking after their child for a while
  • a parent becomes ill and there are no relatives nearby
  • a child is not safe at home
  • a child has suffered physical or sexual abuse, or been a victim of neglect

In these cases, a court could decide to place a child in our care. We will then look for a suitable foster carer for the child.

After fostering, some children return to their parents. If the family problems can't be resolved, they may remain with foster carers for months or even years.

Finding the right match

You may have an idea about the kind of child and the age-group you will feel most able to look after.

We match up the right foster child to the right foster carer.

Fostering team

: 0800 652 1256 (freephone)


If you're interested in fostering with Thurrock Council, please send us your contact details via the Foster East website.

Foster East: Foster with Thurrock Council