Council land and premises

Local authority land and premises

We publish details of all our land and building assets.

For details of availability, go to:

The published lists above include:

  • all service and office properties occupied or controlled by user bodies
  • any properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts
  • all other properties that we own or use
  • garages, unless rented as part of a housing tenancy agreement
  • surplus, sublet or vacant properties
  • undeveloped land
  • serviced or temporary offices where contractual or actual occupation exceeds 3 months
  • future commitments, for example under an agreement for lease

The following land and building assets are not included in the lists:

  • social housing
  • rent-free properties provided by traders
  • operational public highways
  • operational railways and canals
  • assets of national security
  • information we cannot publish due to data protection or other disclosure controls

We provide the following information on each land or building asset:

  • its unique property reference number
  • the unique identity that we use for the asset
  • the name of the building or land
  • street number or numbers
  • street name
  • postal town name
  • postcode
  • easting and northing
  • whether we own the freehold or a lease
  • additional information about the freehold or lease
  • whether the asset is land or one or more building or both
  • the full address