Council tax discounts

Discounts for major alterations or repairs

Properties undergoing major works can currently get a 50% discount for up to 1 year, after which the full council tax bill must be paid.

This discount ends on 31 March 2023 – there will be no council tax discount for major alterations or repairs on or after 1 April 2023.

Who can get a discount

You may qualify for this discount if your property is undergoing:

  • a major structural alteration – for example, adding a large extension
  • major repairs that are necessary to make the property fit for living in – the property must have been uninhabitable before work starts

Examples of major repairs include repairs to the roof, walls or foundation – for example, replacing a seriously defective roof.

Examples of individual works are not considered to be major include:

  • replacing a few roof tiles
  • replacing kitchens and bathrooms that are old but can still be used
  • installing central heating
  • installing double glazing
  • installing a roof window
  • adding a porch
  • replastering
  • rewiring
  • replacement of floors and ceilings

If several of the above works are happening at the same time, we may consider the property is undergoing major works.

When to claim for a discount

You should let us know before you start repair work so we can inspect the property and decide if it is uninhabitable.

If you let us know after the work starts, you will have to send us strong evidence – for example, an independent surveyor's report and photographs – dated before the work started. This evidence must clearly show the property was uninhabitable, otherwise we cannot give you a discount.

By law, we do not have to accept back-dated claims.

What makes a property uninhabitable

Deciding whether a property is uninhabitable can be difficult. We would consider:

  • a property is uninhabitable – cannot be lived in – if it is semi-derelict
  • a property is inhabitable – can be lived in – if it is basically sound but needs updating, refurbishment and redecoration

Apply for this discount

You can apply for this discount using the form below.

Apply for a council tax discount – major works