Council tax support

£150 energy bill rebate for council tax bands A to D

The government is providing a £150 one-off energy bills rebate for households in bands A to D, registered for council tax at 1 April 2022, except where the property is empty or a second home. For information on when and how you will receive the rebate, go to £150 energy bill rebate. To download the government's leaflet, go to your council tax bill explained.

About the local scheme

Households on low income can get council tax support. The local council tax scheme is paid for from our funds, not by central government.

The main points of the 2020/21 local council tax support scheme are:

  • all working-age claimants must pay a minimum of at least 25% of their council tax themselves
  • working-age people with more than £6,000 in savings are not entitled to claim local council tax support
  • £25 per week of all earned income is fully disregarded when we work out entitlement
  • war pension income for disablement or bereavement is fully disregarded
  • Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment incomes are fully disregarded
  • local council tax support can be backdated for 1 calendar month only
  • you are not entitled to support if you are absent from Great Britain for 4 weeks or more
  • in most cases, a maximum of 2 children will be taken into account when we work out entitlement, even if there are 3 or more children in the household

You can download the full scheme below.