Crime prevention


Burglars can strike at any time but most burglaries can be prevented by securing your home. The Essex Police website provides practical advice to help you protect yourself and your property. Find out more from Essex Police: residential burglary.

Protecting your property

Marking your possessions makes them less attractive to burglars because they are harder to sell on. Find out more from Essex Police: mark your property to deter burglars.


Thinking carefully about security and the layout of your garden can help protect it and your home from crime. Find out more from Essex Police: protect your home by protecting your garden.

Rogue traders and bogus callers

Rogue traders often target vulnerable members of the community offering household property services. Using any method to obtain as much money as possible, they will often only do the job to a poor standard or not do the work at all.

Most people who call at your home will be genuine but it’s important to be on your guard and remember there are bogus callers about.

Find out more from Essex Police: door-to-door and courier fraud.