Day services for adults

Other activity groups and clubs

Thurrock has a range of clubs and groups that offer a chance to socialise and try new activities. These are mostly run by local community organisations and volunteers.

Clubs and activity groups offer a chance to socialise and meet friends while trying new things that may interest you.

They usually meet at a community building in your area for just a few hours on specific days. All members of the community are welcome and clubs try hard to cater for everybody's needs.

Finding the right group or club for you

You can check in your local library, community hub or centre, or ask your Local Area Coordinator for details of clubs and activities in your community.

If you have specific needs, it is worth speaking with the group organiser first to make sure you will have no problems.


The amount that clubs and activity groups charge can vary, but many do not try to make a profit.

There may be a cost for any food or drink provided. Some groups and clubs may also hold raffles to help out with the cost of special events during the year.