Day services for adults


There are both Day Centres and Day Care services for adults in Thurrock.

Day Centres are for people that need someone to keep an eye on them during the day, but would like the chance to meet people, make new friends and enjoy a hot meal.

Day Care is like a Day Centre but is for people who need help with personal or practical care and are unable to get out and about by themselves.

Best for your needs

Day Centres and Day Care both offer:

  • a range of activities
  • a meet friends and make new friends
  • a hot meal
  • a safe supervised environment
  • a break for carers

In addition, Day Care is run by staff trained to help people with severe care needs.

A Day Centre would be better if you are:

  • reasonably able
  • independent
  • able to eat, drink and use the toilet unassisted

Day Care would be better if you:

  • need help to eat, drink and use the toilet
  • have severe medical needs
  • are unable or unsafe to look after yourself due to your

Support for carers

Day Centres and Day Care can offer relief for your family or carers by letting them relax while knowing you are safe and still getting the care, support and company you need.

They can be useful if you are looked after by a loved one that has to work during the day.

Luncheon clubs

Luncheon clubs are groups that meet daily or weekly for a hot meal in a social environment. They are usually run by volunteers.