Deaths, burials and cremations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – registering a death

Thurrock Register Office is taking appointments by phone to register a death. Deaths must be registered within 5 days from the date of death.

You will need to contact the GP's surgery to confirm that the 'Medical Certificate of Cause of Death' will be scanned and sent by email to before your appointment. If the death has been referred to the coroner, you need to make sure their documents have been emailed to us before booking your appointment. To book your appointment, phone 01375 372 822.

On the date and time of your appointment, we will phone you to take information for completing the registration. We will also arrange to send you a death certificate, if you wish to order one. Paperwork for the funeral will be sent direct to your undertaker.

You can find further advice, including bereavement support, at GOV.UK: what to do when someone dies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges are as follows.

Death certificates

You can order a certificate online.

Item Collection or delivery Cost
Standard certificate In person at the Register Office at the time of registration £11
Standard or short certificate 24-hour next day service – includes first class post, if needed £35
15-day standard service – includes second class post, if needed £11
Additional postage and packaging First class recorded delivery £3.50
Special delivery, guaranteed next working day £9.50

Changes to initial registration

The following fees apply:

  • £75 – consideration by the Registrar or Superintendent Registrar of a correction
  • £90 – consideration by the Registrar General of a correction

Fees are payable to the Registrar or Superintendent Registrar.

Burials and funeral services

Burial charges will be doubled for those not resident in Thurrock.

Prices are exempt from VAT, except where stated.

Service Cost
Part 1: Burials
A. Burial in a grave
Buried or cremated remains of persons up to 18 years-old No charge
Persons aged 18 years-old and over £685
Cremated remains in a full size grave £345
B. Exclusive right of burial, including registration
In a full size grave – lawn section £840
In a full size grave – traditional grave or Muslim grave £1,725
Part 2: Cremated remains burials
A. Cremated remains burial section
Exclusive right of burial for a 40 year period, including registration and right to erect memorial £355
Interment of ashes £345
B. Cremated remains memorial gardens section
Includes plaque for 7 years and loose burial of ashes £263
Erection of memorial plaque only for 7 years – no ashes to bury £205
Renewal of 7 year subscription with existing plaque £135
Renewal of 7 year subscription with replacement plaque £205
Additional interment of ashes and replacement plaque for a further 7 years where original subscription has more than 4 years to run £170
Additional interment of ashes and replacement plaque for a further 7 years where original subscription has less than 4 years to run £240
Replacement kerb plaque £79
Part 3: Right to place or erect monuments, gravestones or tablets, with inscriptions
Monument or gravestone, including first inscription, for a traditional grave £239
Monument or gravestone, including first inscription, for a lawn grave £195
Tablet, including first inscription, on a base no larger than 50cm x 45cm x 15cm for a grave where exclusive right of burial has not been granted £170
Each inscription after the first £85
Permit to carry out any work on a headstone £81
Part 4: Transfer and search fees
Transfer of grant of exclusive right of burial – fee for registering the transfer and endorsing the deed £81
Transfer of grant of exclusive right of burial – fee where a statutory declaration is needed £109
Fee for search of historical records £26
Part 5: Other memorials
Burial of a second set of ashes for existing memorial trees – new trees are no longer available £345
Memorial bench £1,778, includes standard VAT
Additional plaque £187.20, includes standard VAT