Design guide for planning

Design strategy

Our planning Design Strategy sets out the main design principles to be used by planning applicants when working on their proposals for new developments in Thurrock.

It includes how to assess the context of a site, and gives specific guidance for:

  • urban centres transport hubs
  • residential neighbourhoods
  • commerce and industry
  • Lakeside
  • village and rural locations

The Design Strategy is a supplementary planning document (SPD). SPDs give more guidance to support policies and proposals in the adopted Core Strategy. They don't have the same weight as policies in a local plan but can be taken into account when deciding planning applications.

How this strategy was adopted

Our Design Strategy was adopted in March 2017. It was the first part of the Thurrock Design Guide – a new planning design guide for Thurrock – to be adopted.

A draft of the Design Strategy was published online for open consultation between 26 February and 11 April 2016. We received 53 responses from residents, interest groups, and organisations that we must consult by law. Feedback was broadly positive, and the strategy was amended in response to relevant comments.