Digital and information technology strategy

Connected Thurrock 2017-2020

Connected Thurrock is our digital and information technology strategy. Its purpose is getting people connected and enabled by technology.

Welcome to Connected Thurrock

Thurrock is characterised by its connections. We connect the United Kingdom to the world through our three major ports. We connect the south east to the rest of the United Kingdom through our road and rail networks. We are a series of towns and villages with strong community connections, and we are historically connected to a number of events that have directly shaped our national culture, including the Peasants Revolt, the Armada and the Empire Windrush.

We are proud of our place and passionate about creating quality and affordable services that are delivered to our citizens 'right first time'. To help us do this we need a council that is built upon a modern and robust technology foundation that underpins our people's needs whilst putting them at the centre of service designs – so that we can make their journey through life better.

Digital technology is transforming the way people live their lives – from the way we communicate to the way we purchase goods and services. The increasingly pervasive growth of online shopping, mobile device use, social media and ultra-fast broadband presents many opportunities and it is connecting us in ways that were unimaginable just a few generations ago. Across the globe business and public service users have been embracing advancements in digital interaction for decades and Thurrock is no exception. The smart use of smart technology will help us provide effective, efficient and reliable services to our citizens.

To embrace such opportunities we have developed this strategy to define how our future use of technology and human resources will be optimised to enable the efficient delivery of our business and community priorities to the businesses and citizens of Thurrock.

Connected Thurrock is about seizing the opportunity to build a digital infrastructure fit for the 21st century to support the 21st century community. In much the same way that our 19th century forebears built sewers, roads and houses to improve Thurrock we will create a digital infrastructure that will ensure that everyone who lives, works and visits Thurrock has the chance to benefit from these investments.

Councillor Rob Gledhill,
Leader of the Council

Lyn Carpenter,
Chief Executive