End of tenancy

Death of a tenant

During this traumatic time we will deal sympathetically with next of kin or executor.

When a tenant dies either the next of kin or executor of the deceased tenant's estate should let us know so we can discuss arrangements for returning the property.

If you are the next of kin, or executor, you should contact the deceased's estate officer or sheltered housing officer.

The tenancy does not end when the tenant dies. Tenancy can only be ended by:

  • an executor – this is someone named in a will as the person who will deal with the deceased's possessions
  • an administrator – this is someone who has applied to the Probate Registry and obtained Letters of Administration, sometimes called the Grant of Probate

Next of kin who is not the executor or administrator cannot end the tenancy.

We will need copy of the death certificate and information about the executor or administrator of the deceased's estate. If this cannot be provided, we will serve a notice to quit on the Office of Public Trustees, as required by law.

A one-week rent-free period will be agreed to allow the next of kin, or executor, time to clear the property. More time can be agreed if needed, but rent would be due from the deceased's estate.

We will advise on succession rights where there are family members who are still living at the property.

The form below can be used for either:

  • claiming succession of tenancy
  • a tenant to assign someone who would be eligible to inherit their tenancy

Housing assignment or succession claim