End of tenancy

Notice to quit form and liability notice

When you tell us you plan to vacate your home, we will contact you to arrange a visit. During this visit we will inspect the property and provide you with legal documents.

At this inspection you will be given advice on recharges and asked to sign a liability notice.

Notice to quit form

The notice to quit form is a legal document that declares when you stop being liable for rent and damages. If you do not sign the form you will still be liable for rent and damages, even after you have left the property.

Liability notice

The liability notice is a legal document that sets out your agreement and when you might be liable for recharges when in leaving the property.

An example of liability notice wording is given below:

This Notice applies to all tenants who wish to transfer from their current Council property. It is very important that you understand the purpose of this Notice and why you should sign it.

When vacating your current home you will be liable for any costs incurred for repairs, unauthorised alterations, removal of any goods which include furniture, carpets and flooring, rubbish left internally and externally, which includes the loft, shed and any outbuildings.

If you have not maintained your property to an acceptable standard of internal decoration, which includes paintwork, internal doors, and ceilings, you will be asked to carry out this work or you will not be granted to move.

You agree to remove all goods and effects upon vacation of this property, and authorise the Council or its officers to remove and destroy anything left in the premises.

I/We agree to leave the property in good decorative order, removing all carpets, flooring and lino. I/We fully understand that any rubbish/furniture that is left behind and removed by the Council will be recharged. I/We accept that we will receive an invoice for these costs which will include additional charges for VAT.