End of tenancy

Step by step guide

When you end your tenancy of a council property you must leave it in a fit state to be occupied by the next tenant. There will be some documents to be completed, and we will help you make the process as simple as possible.

Step by step:

  • you must tell your estate officer or your sheltered housing officer that you plan to vacate your property
  • your estate officer or sheltered housing officer will call you back to arrange a meeting where they will help with important documents, including signing your notice to quit form
  • you and your estate officer will sign a liability notice that sets out everything you must agree in vacating the property
  • your notice period begins from the date you submit your documents
  • sometimes we may take photographs of the property
  • we will send you a letter before you leave the property, reminding you what you must do
  • before leaving and handing back your keys, you must empty the property of all personal items and leave it in good order
  • we will visit the property to check its condition once you have left, and see whether any recharges to you are necessary
  • we will write to you if we will be recharging you with any costs
  • when you receive the recharge letter you will have 7 days to agree or disagree with the recharges – if you disagree we will consider your reasons and adjust the recharge, where appropriate
  • after your 7 days have ended we will send you an invoice with arrangements for payment
  • we will be happy to agree ways to make your payment stress free – details of how to contact us with payment queries will be included on your invoice

Help us to help you

You can help us to help you by:

  • making sure your property is free of damage
  • making arrangement for repairs of any damage during your tenancy
  • signing a form to agree or disagree with damage noted at your property
  • giving us your forwarding address and any other useful way to contact you
  • setting up a redirection for your mail

We will help and advise with arrangements upon the death of a tenant.