Environmental enforcement

Our enforcement action

We enforce a wide range of laws to protect the community.

Types of action we can take to enforce the law include:

  • issuing a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)
  • issuing a statutory notice
  • enforcement undertaking or injunctive proceedings
  • seizure
  • confiscation or forfeiture proceedings
  • simple cautions
  • prosecution
  • making a proceeds of crime application
  • informal action

Fixed Penalty Notices

We may issue a FPN for a range of environmental offences. It is a means of enforcement that avoids a criminal record. We may issue a FPN for a first offence without giving a warning.

For more information about FPNs, go to:

Enforcement officers

Enforcement officers in Thurrock are employed either directly by us or by contract with District Enforcement. All carry photo identification (ID) that shows their job title and name. Their ID also includes a 4-digit unique reference number you can use to confirm that the officer is genuine.

They work where most offences take place and patrol wherever there's evidence of littering.

We may also use flying drones to support our enforcement work.

Our policy

Our enforcement policy sets out when and how we use our legal powers and explains what the different types of action involve.