Essential Living Fund

After you apply

We treat applications for general living expenses as a priority.

General living expenses applications

The following general living expense applications will be processed within the same working day they're received:

  • food vouchers
  • supermarket vouchers
  • fuel top-ups made through AllPay

We will tell you whether your claim has been successful and give you a unique reference number and other information to get your vouchers.

If we process your claim before 3pm, you can pick up your vouchers the same day.

Read more about vouchers and AllPay cards.

Other applications

We will send you a letter if you apply for:

  • furniture
  • household furnishings
  • white goods
  • clothing
  • footwear

If your application is successful, the letter will tell you how to get your items.

Read more about furniture and white goods.


If you disagree with the Essential Living Fund grant decisions, you can ask for a review. This must be done in writing within 1 month of the date you were notified of the decision.

The review will be be looked at by a member of the Benefits management team, who will then make a final decision. There is no right to a further appeal.