Filthy or unsecure property


If we find the condition of a property makes it a risk to the public or anyone living there, we can issue a notice requiring action to be taken.

For example, we may do this if a property is either:

  • filthy
  • unsecure
  • infested with vermin
  • likely to attract vermin

If left for a long time, rubbish such as food waste or soft furniture can attract insects, mice, rats and other vermin.

Action we can take

We can give notice to the owner or occupier of the property, requiring them to improve its condition. The notice will state what types of action must be taken. This could include:

  • removing rubbish
  • cleansing, disinfecting and whitewashing
  • removing wallpaper and other coverings from walls
  • destroying or removing vermin
  • securing the property

If the actions are not taken, the owner or occupier may receive a fine or be prosecuted in court.

Report a property

If you believe the condition of a property makes it a health risk, you can report it to us by using the form below and selecting 'a property that is filthy or unsecure' as the type of problem.

Report pollution or noise