Finding somewhere to live

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – finding somewhere to live

While our offices are closed, if you need housing advice on homelessness, getting temporary accommodation, our housing register or renting in social housing, you can email or phone 01375 652 820.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – housing register

New lettings are currently only being made by direct offers to risk-assessed homeless households and applicants whose safety is at risk where they live – for example, due to abuse. We will contact tenants who were due to move out between 11 May and 31 May, offering the choice to extend their notice period and move later, or withdraw their 'notice to quit' completely.

We are reviewing government guidance and, if possible, will allow all applicants to make housing bids and arrange mutual exchanges from early June. We may extend the current arrangement, however, if necessary to follow government rules on staying alert and safe ('social distancing').

Online council housing applications

The council housing services online application process is currently undergoing essential maintenance/upgrade and will be available again on 11 June 2020.

Before you apply for council housing

For most households the chances of being offered a property by us are extremely low, and you should think about other housing options.

If you want to move into one of our properties you must first apply to join our housing waiting list.

You must have a local connection to Thurrock, which means either:

  • you have lived in Thurrock for the past 6 years
  • you have close family members who have lived in Thurrock for the past 6 years

Your total income (after tax), assets and savings must be less than the maximum amount set for your household:

Property size needed, according to household make-up and bedroom standard Maximum net annual income and assets
Studio or 1 bedroom, single person £24,000
1 bedroom, couple £26,000
2 bedrooms, single or couple with children £37,000
3 bedrooms, single or couple with children £47,000
4 bedrooms, single or couple with children £60,000
Sheltered housing £179,000
Extra care housing £229,000

You may not be able to join the housing waiting list if you or anyone in your household has been guilty of:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • subletting a property
  • another criminal act

You must be a citizen of the UK, the Commonwealth or the European Economic Area, unless you have been granted refugee status or granted leave to enter or remain in the UK.

We consider each case individually.