Freedom of information response

Bin Collection 2021, 2022 & 2023

Publication date: 
Wednesday 15 November 2023

I would like to request the details of all failed household bin collection there have been for the past 3 years this is to also include strike action as such and missed days due to staffing issues.
I am wanting to obtain this information so i can put together my petition with regards council refunds on council tax for missed bin collections which we are entitled to do.


Please note it is difficult to give exact records, due to issues with software

Over the last 3 years there have been approximately 11,468 incidents of roads that have not been able to be collected on the correct day, this is for a variety of reasons, including access issues, vehicles break downs and issues with service deliveries.

The Council over this same period of time carried out  approximately 21,600,000 collections and this figure equates to a failure rate of 0.05%.

Please note this does not include missed brown bin figures as we do not have the data for this.

Request reference:
FOI 13147