Freedom of information response

Breakdown Of Meeting Costs

Publication date: 
Wednesday 10 January 2024

Details of request: Cllr Jefferies, leader of Thurrock Council, has stated that the cost of holding an inquiry into its planning department is likely to be in the region of £3000.00. So can we see the full breakdown of where these
costs are likely to be coming from?


The figure of £3000 was informed by estimated costs before the meeting was held. These estimated costs are set out in the table below. These estimated costs were ultimately affected by the length of the meeting and the number of officers who attended on the night:



Approx. Cost

Printing of agenda

1p per side (black and white), 14 page agenda. Printed roughly 59 copies.

Postage – approx.. £30


Officer time to prep meeting

Principal Democratic Services Officer x 2 days’ work to prep agenda, organise and attend briefings, attend meeting, set AV equipment up.

Head of Dem Services x 0.5 days

c. £600

Electricity & utilities

Lights and air con for specific areas of the building, powering the AV equipment.

c. £100

Officer time to attend the meeting

10 SLT officers roughly on £100 p/hour for two hours.



Security at £15 p/h from 5pm to 8pm plus an estimated extra £50 for overtime post 8pm for securing building.


Public-I cost

This meeting is outside the scheduled calendar so would incur additional cost.



TOTAL Approx Cost


Request reference:
FOI 13309