Freedom of information response

Council’s most recent Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS).

Publication date: 
Friday 24 November 2023

Please supply me with a copy of the council’s most recent Microsoft Licensing Statement (MLS). I am not requesting this information to generate any business. We are not looking to buy, or, sell software licences to the council. We are only interested to understand how the council has been licensed over the years.

Unless you already have the latest MLS, could you reach out to your IT reseller (Bytes) and obtain it. Your reseller will have access to this. Your reseller is legally obliged to provide you with this. If you could forward a copy of the complete MLS I can then review it. There is nothing on an MLS that could cause any harm to any organisation. We have reviewed many MLS’s from councils over the years and continue to receive them on a daily basis.

We have reached out to almost every council/public authority in the country and have requested and received many MLS’s. A reseller may say they do not have the MLS, but, resellers can source these from Microsoft, and then forward this on to yourselves. If Microsoft were ever to perform an audit, the council would require an MLS for basic audit requirements. This document is something Microsoft can provide with a minimum of fuss. I would expect to receive your MLS in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.


Please see attached.

Request reference:
FOI 13201