Freedom of information response

Council Owned Garages

Publication date: 
Friday 2 February 2024

1. The total number of lock-up domestic garages owned by your council.

2. The total number of these garages that are currently empty.

3. The total number that are currently let to council estate residents.

4. The total number that are let to non council estate residents.

5. The estimated average total space in sq ft of all the council-owned garages.


1.  The Council has 2475 garages across the borough. 

2.  There are currently 462 void garages. 358 of which are closed for redevelopment or major works required. 104 are free to let or have minor repair works pending.

3. There are currently 718 garages let to social housing tenants

4. There are currently 1295 garages let to non-social housing tenants.

5.  Each garage is approximately 816 cubic feet in size.

Request reference:
FOI 13372