Freedom of information response


Publication date: 
Tuesday 5 March 2024

1.    How many units of e-cigarettes/vaping devices/e-liquid goods were seized?
2.    How many units of cigarette packs were seized? 
3.    The number of identified cases of illegal vaping products being in possession of, stocked, or sold by businesses
4.    How many fines or penalties have been issued for being in possession of, stocking, or selling illegal vapes?
5.    What was the value in £ pound sterling of each fine issued by your local authority?

Please present this data annually for each of the below periods:
1st January 2023 > 22nd November 2023 
1st January 2022 > 31st Dec 2022 
1st January 2021 > 31st Dec 2021 
1st January 2020 > 31st Dec 2020 
1st January 2019 > 31st Dec 2019 
If you could send the information over in a CSV or XLSX format, that would be ideal.
Please note: if you are unable to retrieve 5 years of data for the above-requested information within the available FOI cost limit, please reduce the number of years to the last 3 years, or as far back as possible, to the latest available date.


Please see attached

Request reference:
FOI 13497