Freedom of information response

Fixed penalty notices

Publication date: 
Monday 5 June 2023

From March 2018 to March 2023, how many fixed penalty notices (FPNs) were issued to people for feeding ducks in public places by enforcement officers working for/acting on behalf of the council?

Please provide a breakdown of each FPN, including the location, date of issue, FPN amount, the official reason for the FPN, powers under which it was issued, whether the FPN was paid, and whether it was appealed, rescinded before payment, or later refunded.

Please also include FPNs issued in error (fines incorrectly issued for littering or flytipping to someone who was lawfully bird feeding) and any fines correctly issued for littering or fly-tipping to people for feeding ducks.

How many people were prosecuted for non-payment of such FPNs and what was the outcome of these proceedings? If there are any further details recorded which provide context regarding the nature and circumstances of the individual fines please also provide this.

- Repeat the search for 'pigeons', 'seagulls', and 'birds', within the same date range, providing answers to the same questions as written above for each.


Thurrock Council does not issue FPNs.

Request reference:
FOI 12784