Freedom of information response

Gender Neutral Toilets

Publication date: 
Monday 26 February 2024

This is an information request relating to renovations made to facilitate gender neutral toilets in the main council office.

Please include the following information for each of the following financial years; 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23:
Please include the following information:
•    A total number of new gender neutral toilets and a total number of conversions made.
•    The sum of money spent on building new gender neutral toilets including the conversion of existing toilets.
•    The number of complaints related to gender neutral toilets and copies of any complaints (with redactions made to ensure confidentiality is maintained)
By gender neutral toilets I am referring to those with shared facilities, that are not separated by sex or gender.

  • None in the time periods requested
  • £0
  • None
Request reference:
FOI 13442