Freedom of information response

MIPIM conference

Publication date: 
Friday 2 June 2023

This is an information request relating to the MIPIM conference held in Cannes from 14th to 17th March 2023

Please include the following information:

•           Did any members of the organisation attend MIPIM in an official capacity? If so, how many attended and what are their job titles?

•           If so, what was the total spend by the organisation on attending the conference? (please make clear how much was spent by the organisation itself, and how much it received, if any, in sponsorships or grants)

•           How much was spent on flights? (please provide information on the airline, and the class)

•           How much was spent on accommodation? (Please provide the name and address of the hotel)

•           How much was spent on food and subsistence? (Please provide receipts for any restaurants, cafes or bars visited)

•           How much was spent on conference costs? For example, tickets to the conference, any stands set up at the conference


No one from the council attended the conference.

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Request reference:
FOI 12767