Freedom of information response

The number of dogs put to sleep by the local authority

Publication date: 
Monday 29 January 2024

Please may we have information on the number of dogs put to sleep in your area by your local authority in the following format:
•    Monthly figures for the past three years to the most recent date available.
(e.g. if the most recent date is August 2023, please provide data for Sep 2020 to Aug 2021, Sep 2021 to Aug 2022 and Sep 2022 to Aug 2023.) 
•    If dog breed/type is recorded, monthly figures for the past three years for American Bullies, including XLs, put to sleep by your local authority.


April 2023- September 2023

1 American XL Bully p.t.s in September 2023

April 2022- March-2023

1 Lurcher p.t.s  in April 2022

1 Cane Corse p.t.s in September 2022

1 Belgium Malinois p.t.s in October 2022

1 Terrier Cross p.t.s in November 2022

1 Japanese Akita Cross p.t.s in December 2022

April 2021 – March 2022

No dogs put to sleep

Request reference:
FOI 13345