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Retrospective Planning Refusals And Enforcement

Publication date: 
Tuesday 25 July 2023

How many retrospective planning applications that were refused by a Chief Planning Officer and where the opportunity to appeal has expired, have NOT been acted upon by the applicant and then by way of enforcement of the rules. I can narrow it down to Property's that fall into Council Tax Band F in Chafford Hundred if that helps.


Planning application 22/001131/HHA (Demolition of the rear extension and balcony structure and retention of the outbuilding) was refused on 8 November 2022. The planning case officer has been continuing to deal with this site since that refusal and it is anticipated that further action will be taken soon.

Planning application 21/01833/HHA (Retrospective) Single storey garden canopy structures) was refused on 21.07.2022. This application arose as the result of an officer query about development at the site. There are no neighbour amenity issues with this development. The case officer continues to look at next steps for this site.

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