Freedom of information response

Staff in Education / Children's Services

Publication date: 
Monday 11 March 2024

1. Anonymised demographics of all staff currently employed in the following teams within children’s services – special educational needs, inclusion, education improvement, virtual school and educational psychology (not exhaustive if LA has a different set up within its education teams) – please provide ages, gender and length of service of the employees

2. Retention rates for all staff with management / leadership responsibility in the above teams.  How long have the post holders been in their posts and how many times has the post been recruited to in the last 5 years.

3. Any existing data or anonymised reports from exit reviews conducted with any staff leaving the teams mentioned above.  If it not possible to provide anonymised copies, please provide a list of the reasons of all employees from exit interviews for the last 2 years.

4. Information relating to professional development programmes offered to employees within children’s services.

5. Data / Results of any leadership questionnaires you have asked employees within children’s services to complete within the last 2 years including workforce satisfaction surveys.

6. Details and / copies of any current staff retention policies / initiatives


1. Please see attached

2. Please see attached.

3. Please see attached.

4. Thurrock Council is not currently offering any professional development programmes.

5. Workforce satisfaction surveys are done by external companies so Thurrock Council would not have any of this data.

6. Thurrock Council do not have any specific policies or initiatives in place.

Request reference:
FOI 13515