Freedom of information response

Street inspection records

Publication date: 
Thursday 2 November 2023

We write to request inspection records for Linford Road, Grays, Essex and the immediate surrounding area from 01/06/21 to present since we have recently received notification of a personal injury claim arising from a member
of the public getting their front bike wheel caught in an open trench.

We require street inspection records to include, driven surveys, walk- about surveys and any other general maintenance records. For the sake of completeness, we should appreciate confirmation as to whether a s81
notice was issued in relation to the subject defect. We have searched our database and have been unable to locate a s81 notice. Please confirm if such notice exists and if so, please provide a copy.

Please also advise how often inspections are undertaken along with the method of inspection and a copy of your inspection policy.


Please see attached.

Linford Road is subject to a 2-monthly inspection.

The Safety Inspection Policy covering thisĀ method of inspection can be found within the Highways Maintenance Strategy on our Travel Strategies web page atĀ

Request reference:
FOI 13120