Freedom of information response

Temporary accommodation in caravan/camping sites

Publication date: 
Wednesday 15 November 2023

1) The number of households your local authority has placed on caravan sites and/or camping sites in the last 3 financial years for use as temporary, emergency or permanent accommodation, if any? Please provide the numbers down broken down year-by-year. 

(Note: if you are unable to provide data for 2022/23, please take the previous three full financial years i.e. 2019/20 to 2021/22)

(Note: caravan or camping sites includes static homes)

2) A list of the caravan and/or camping sites the local authority has placed households in with a breakdown of how many households were placed in each site in each given year.

3) The length of stay of each household at the caravan or camping site. 
(Note: If you are unable to answer question 2 for any reason, please still provide an answer to Question 3 without disclosing the name of the camping/caravan site). 

4) The amount of money the local authority has paid for households to stay in caravan or camping sites in the last three full financial years. Can you please provide a breakdown of how much each caravan and/or camping site was paid?

5) Has the council fully acquired i.e. purchased a caravan or camping site for the purpose of housing households in the past three full financial years?


The response to all the above question is NIL

Request reference:
FOI 13156