Freedom of information response

Water abstractions (groundwater or surface water)

Publication date: 
Tuesday 28 November 2023

I would like to request any information held by Thurrock Council relating to water abstractions (groundwater or surface water) within 1km of the following site:
* Shell Haven Terminal, located at Barkers Blvd, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex SS17 9GA. (Grid reference E 573575, N 182311)
We understand that the Environment Agency maintain records for licensed water abstractions (typically over 20m3 per day) but for smaller water abstractions, licenses are not required by the EA, but the Local Authority are
responsible for maintaining a register of such private water supplies (e.g., farmhouse boreholes, private wells, springs etc.).
Please include all details held for any abstractions, including but not limited to:
• Type of abstraction (groundwater/surface water):
• Water Abstraction rates (volumetric):
• Surface water body / groundwater unit abstracted from:
• Logs from abstraction boreholes:
• Location of abstraction point (e.g. grid reference):
• Use of abstracted water:
• Any other abstraction details:
• Details of any water quality data held for these abstractions:


Thurrock Council Environmental Health has no records of any water abstractions within 1km of the above site.

Request reference:
FOI 13221