Freedom of information response

Year 6 School Admission for the current academic year for pupils holding EHCP Plan

Publication date: 
Monday 8 April 2024

Your original request asked for:

I am requesting to access records for year 6 school admission for the current academic year for pupils holding EHCP plan.

If possible, I request detail for date of submission and processed for each application/request .

We clarified your request with you and you changed your request to state you wished to receive the following:

I would like information regarding pupil going into year 6 from different school within and outside the borough


We are unable to provide this as:

  • There is a low number involved.
  • The release of this information could identify individuals which would constitute their personal data under the Data Protection Act
  • There is no prior expectation on the part of these individuals that their personal information would be published in the wider public domain under the FOI Act
  • Personal data of any other person is exempt under section 40 (2) of the Data Protection Act.

However in the interests of transparency we are able to provide this information to you categorised as fewer than 5 to give you an indication of the figures

Request reference:
FOI 13585