Forward plans and key decisions

The forward plan

The forward plan is a list of all key decisions to be made by the Leader of the Council, Cabinet and Cabinet members. By law, we must publish this list at least 28 days before the decisions are made.

Read the latest forward plan.

Key decisions

Key decisions are important decisions that are likely to either:

  • result in the council spending or making savings of more than £500,000 a year
  • have a significant impact on communities living or working in an area covering 2 or more wards

Key decisions in private meetings

The forward plan will tell you if the Cabinet will take any decisions in private. This only happens if some of the information the Cabinet needs to discuss at a meeting is either confidential or exempt. The forward plan will also explain the reason why a decision will be made in private.

You can contact us below to tell us why you think the Cabinet should take a decision in public.

At least 5 days before a private meeting we will publish:

  • the reasons why we are holding the meeting in private
  • your comments on why the meeting should be open to the public
  • our response to your comments
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