Foster carer payments and support

Foster carer training

As a foster carer in Thurrock, you will be offered full training and support so you can maintain a high standard of care.

Our training co-ordinator will make sure you have the skills you need for your day-to-day work.

You'll receive training both before and after your approval.

Training before approval

Before approval you will take part in 'The Skills to Foster', a nationally recognised training course.

Training during your first year

In your first year as a foster carer, you will be supported with an induction programme based on the training and development standards (TSD) for foster carers.

Your induction will include training that you must take, and some extra training that you can choose to take if you wish. This will be for your role as foster carer and also for your personal development.

Being a foster carer can be complex and demanding – but very rewarding!

Further training

We also offer the training and support necessary to help you become professionally qualified as an advanced or therapeutic carer.

Fostering team

: 0800 652 1256 (freephone)


If you're interested in fostering with Thurrock Council, please send us your contact details via the Foster East website.

Foster East: Foster with Thurrock Council