Gas, boiler and electrical servicing

Safety checks and servicing

By law, we must make sure all our housing properties have a gas safety check every year.

We must also make sure all our housing properties have an electrical test every 5 years.

Our contractor for carrying out these checks and tests is Aaron Services.

Your appointments

Each year, Aaron Services will contact you to arrange a date and time for servicing your boiler and any other gas appliances you may have.

When electrical tests are due for your property, Aaron Services will try to complete these during their visit for your annual gas safety check. If this is not possible, they will contact you to arrange a separate date and time.

When you agree an appointment for electrical tests, Aaron Services will also upgrade one of your plug sockets to a USB plug socket if you don't have one. You can use this socket to charge devices with USB connectors.

Prize draw

If they are able to access your property on the first appointment date and time they agree with you, they will enter your household into a free prize draw.