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All adventure activities at Grangewaters follow strict guidelines and safe practice. Where possible activities cater for all abilities and ages. Call us for details of any restrictions.

All sessions follow a standard structure. Each initially starts with a safety brief, followed by demonstrations and practice.

Contact us to book your place at least a day in advance.

Activity Description
Expedition training Winter is the ideal time to plan for next year. We offer training in all aspects of expeditions including campcraft, route planning, camp cooking group and personal safety and everything to help an expedition to be a safe and enjoyable learning experience.
First aid Grangewaters offers both 1 and 3-day accredited first aid courses covering emergency first aid up to first aid at work.
Fun boards Balance and initiative, combined with water and fun, provide the necessary ingredients for an action-packed session. Using a large windsurf board the group splits into pairs. A number of group balance games and races will be played on our lake.
High ropes

We have 4 different activities on our high ropes:

  • Jacob's ladder
  • Leap of faith
  • Peg climb
  • Postman's walk

Check the individual activity details for more about each of these.

Jacob's ladder Jacob's ladder is a series of horizontal poles suspended at an increasing distance. Working together, 2 people would climb the ladder while being supported by their team mates on the ground.
Kayaking As an Olympic sport kayaking is increasing in popularity and Grangewaters can offer a wide range of sessions from paddle power start for younger children to certificated courses for adults.
Ladder climb Using a caving ladder suspended within the central shaft of the climbing tower, participants climb 12 meters to the top platform. Participants are then shown a safe way of ascending and descending the shaft using the ladder, ropes and climbing equipment.
Leap of faith How far can you jump? Climb a telegraph pole to a small platform at a height of 10 metres. This activity challenges all who try but leaves everyone with a real sense of achievement.
Longboat sailing A boat designed to hold and sail up to 10 participants. Help work the sheets and sails in a boat that is extremely stable and aimed at primary and special schools.
Find out more about our sailing courses.

For other activities go to:

Grangewaters Outdoor Education Centre
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: 01708 855 228


The centre is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and for pre-booked activities at weekends.

Our office is open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, for bookings and enquiries.