Gritting and snow clearing

Gritting routes

We grit approximately 226 miles of highway with routes graded by importance.

When there is significant frost or snow our first priority is to grit major routes such as the A13 and bus routes. These routes take about 3 hours to grit.

If there is snow we also grit the secondary routes, which take another 2 hours. These are routes that are a significant risk and have high usage.

Reduced gritting routes will apply when salt stocks are very low.

Priority 1 gritting routes

Priority 2 gritting routes

Snow plan for footways

We clear footways and pedestrian areas by hand in order of importance. The highest priority are heavily-used footways around transport links and shopping areas, footbridges and subway approaches, and footways leading to health premises and outside of schools (when schools are open).

Distances of priority 1 gritting routes

Distance Route 1 Route 2 Route 3 Route 4 Route 5
Total distance 62 miles
63 miles
45 miles
53 miles
58 miles
Actual gritting distance 57 miles
63 miles
42 miles
49 miles
55 miles

Winter maintenance