Have your say on planning applications

Make a comment or objection

You can make comments on planning applications up to the comment expiry date. We will use our discretion and take into account any comments received up until we prepare our recommendation report.

First search planning applications online to find the application about which you wish to comment.

When you look at the details of an application that is open for comments, you should see a button just below the page header labelled 'Submit Comments...'. Use this button to enter your details and your comments online.

Planning decisions must be based on relevant material considerations – you should refer to our list of issues that are relevant before making your comment.

Any comments you make will be a matter of public record.

Your comments will be visible – including your name and address – on the website and for public inspection at the Civic Offices, Grays.

We reserve the right to obscure comments that we consider to be inflammatory before being displaying on the web. We are unable to respond in writing on an individual basis to letters of representation.

If you are commenting about a householder application that subsequently is refused permission, any appeal will be held under written representations procedure. Any comments you have made will be forwarded electronically to the planning inspector. You will not be able to make any further comments at the appeal stage.

Commenting at Planning Committee meetings

You can speak at the meetings of the Planning Committee before members of the committee take their decision. You must make your request to speak no later than midday, 2 working days before the meeting.

Go to speaking at Planning Committee meetings to find out more.