Health and well-being strategy

Health and well-being strategy 2016-2021

The 2016-2021 strategy is our current strategy for health and well-being – to get involved in the work underway to refresh this strategy, go to health and well-being strategy refresh.

Our 2016-2021 vision for improving the health and well-being of Thurrock people is to add years to life and life to years.

Our principles for achieving this are:

  • reducing inequality in health and well-being
  • prevention is better than cure
  • empowering people in communities
  • connected services
  • our commitments will be delivered
  • continually improving service delivery
  • continuing to establish clear links between health and education services, improving accessibility for all

The strategy has 5 goals, each with 4 objectives. The goals are:

  • goal 1: opportunity for all – better educated children and residents who can access employment opportunities
  • goal 2: healthier environments – places and communities that keep people well and independent
  • goal 3: better emotional health and well-being – strengthened mental health and emotional well-being
  • goal 4: quality care, centred around the person – remodel health and care services so they are more joined-up and focus on preventing, reducing and delaying the need for care and support
  • goal 5: healthier for longer – reduce avoidable ill-health and death

It was developed by Thurrock Health and Well-being Board, in response to consultation feedback from Thurrock people.

You can download the strategy and its annual reports below.