High-speed internet for council housing

Register for free installation

We are working with Hyperoptic to make fast internet access available to council housing tenants.

Hyperoptic provides high-speed broadband phone and internet services at low-cost. They connect social housing buildings with modern fibre-optic cables, and offer each household their own private Hyperoptic socket – similar to a telephone socket – for fast access to online services.

In the summer of 2017, the service was offered to 1,700 tenants in areas of Grays, Purfleet, South Ockendon and Tilbury. Following this successful start, the service was extended in October 2018 to cover other areas of council housing.

Registering for Hyperoptic

Installation for individual households normally costs £200, but Thurrock Council tenants can get a connected socket for free by registering now.

Registering means:

  • you can choose to have the Hyperoptic socket fitted in your household for free
  • you are not committing to sign-up for internet access or any other Hyperoptic service
  • you are not committing to any costs or any contract
  • your current internet and telephone services will not be affected
  • you'll be ready to connect at any time in the future, if you decide you want to

You must register before installation work starts on your building to get a socket for free.

How to register

Go to the Hyperoptic website and enter your postcode where it says "Check if Hyperoptic is available in your area".

After entering your postcode you will be asked to select your property from a list. You will then be shown:

  • a map which shows the property's location
  • a form where you can "Register your interest"

Complete the form and select "Continue" to register.

After installation

After installation has begun, those who have registered will be first to know about further service offers and discounts available.