Home adaptations and equipment


Self-assessment helps you find small items of equipment or minor adaptations that can help you overcome difficulties with your daily activities at home.

A self-assessment is a way of getting these without the need for a visit and home assessment.

Forms can be completed by anyone who:

  • is 18 years-old or over
  • has needs arising from a physical or mental impairment or illness

You should give as much information as you can. You may need to take measurements of the height of your chair, toilet, and other items, as well as telling us about yourself and your circumstances.

You should complete one of our short forms if there is one particular activity at home for which equipment or adaptation may help. We provide forms in Microsoft Word format, which you can complete electronically, or PDF versions that you can read on-screen and print.

If you need help with a whole range of activities you should complete our full form:

If you need help completing the form or taking the necessary measurements, please think about asking a friend, relative or neighbour to help you. Our guidance form below may help you take measurements. You don't have to send this guidance form to us.

Anyone can complete a self-assessment on your behalf but we will contact you to check you want to receive the equipment or adaptations we may be able to offer.

Return your completed self-assessment to our Community Solutions team. You can send it to us by email or by post.

We will supply all equipment and minor home adaptations. We are unable to provide a payment or voucher equivalent at present.

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What happens next

When we receive your completed self-assessment, we will contact you either to confirm your request has been agreed or to ask for more information.