Household waste and recycling

Seasonal household waste and recycling changes

For details of changes to household wheeled bin collections around Christmas and New Year, go to wheeled bin collection days.

After we empty brown bins during the week from Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December, brown bin collections are being paused until the week beginning Monday 5 February. We will collect green/grey bins weekly and blue bins every 2 weeks, with extra collections for Christmas – including a collection service for real Christmas trees – but there will be no brown bin collections.

All collection arrangements are temporary while we carry out a full review of waste services.

Bin collection days

Your 3 coloured household wheeled bins are for different kinds of waste.

Bin Collection
Green/grey bin Collected once a week on your usual day
Non-recyclable and food waste only – no garden waste.
Blue bin Collected every 2 weeks on your usual day
Recyclable waste only – no food or garden waste.
Brown bin Collected every 2 weeks on your usual day
Garden waste only – no bags of any kind.

In a small number of streets we have to collect waste and recycling in bags rather than bins. We provide bags to households that receive this service. Garden and food waste must be placed in bags with non-recyclable waste as we are unable to provide brown bin collections for these households.

Your street's collection day

Check your normal collection day by selecting the first letter of your street name, below.

Street names: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y

The table below show the weeks when blue and brown bins will next be collected.

Blue bins and brown bins – next collections
Blue bins – Monday to Friday Brown bins – Monday to Friday
4 December to 8 December 11 December to 15 December
18 December to 22 December Seasonal pause – no collections until 5 February 2024
23 December to 30 December
2 January to 6 January
15 January to 19 January
29 January to 2 February 5 February to 9 February

Things to remember

It's important you remember:

  • to leave your bins out by 6am on the day of collection
  • to leave your bins at the front edge of your property or at your agreed collection point, as close as possible to the public footway or pavement without causing an obstruction for pedestrians – we will not collect your bins if they are not put in an easy-to-access place
  • to use the right bin for the different types of waste and recycling
  • contaminated bins will not be emptied – check what goes in your bins
  • collections may not be at the same time every week
  • we will only collect waste from bins with the lid shut
  • we will collect extra recycling as side waste if your blue bin is full, but we will not collect green/grey bin or brown bin side waste unless we have given notice – for more on side waste, go to what goes in your bins