Household waste and recycling

Bin tags

It's important you only put items that can be recycled in your blue bin.

If you put the wrong type of waste in your blue bin it can contaminate a whole lorry load of recycling. Contaminated loads cannot be recycled and are much more expensive to dispose of as waste.

If your blue bin is tagged

If you find an orange 'Ooops...' tag on your blue bin, it means we've found something inside that we can't recycle.

Bins that have been tagged will not be emptied.

You should look in your bin, take out anything that we can't recycle and put it in your green or grey bin instead.

We will come back to empty your bins on your next scheduled collection day.

We use bin tags so residents know why their bin has not been emptied.

Getting it right

You can check what types of waste can go in each bin at:

An example of a bin tag – front and back – is shown below.